ArcObjects Library Reference (SystemUI)  

ICommand Interface

Provides access to members that define a COM command.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


All the commands that are built into the ArcCatalog and ArcMap applications are COM based commands. As a developer, you can create custom commands in development environments that support COM, i.e. Visual Basic, .Net (C# and VB.Net), or C++. COM based commands are distributed in the form of ActiveX DLLs. You can create the following types of commands:

When To Use

Use the ICommand interface to query the properties of a COM command or to create your own COM command.

When you are creating a new COM command, you must implement the ICommand interface in your class code. This interface determines the behavior and properties of simple commands such as buttons and menu items. For example, the ICommand interface sets command properties such as caption, name, category, bitmap, statusbar message, tooltip, help context id and help file, enabled state, and checked state. It also defines what action happens when the command is clicked.


Read-only property Bitmap The bitmap that is used as the icon on this command.
Read-only property Caption The caption of this command.
Read-only property Category The name of the category with which this command is associated.
Read-only property Checked Indicates if this command is checked.
Read-only property Enabled Indicates if this command is enabled.
Read-only property HelpContextID The help context ID associated with this command.
Read-only property HelpFile The name of the help file associated with this command.
Read-only property Message The statusbar message for this command.
Read-only property Name The name of this commmand.
Method OnClick Occurs when this command is clicked.
Method OnCreate Occurs when this command is created.
Read-only property Tooltip The tooltip for this command.

CoClasses that implement ICommand

CoClasses and Classes Description
AnimationCreateTimeTrackCommand (esriAnimationUI) Command to create a new time layer track.
AutoCompletePolygonFeatureTool (esriEditor) Tool that uses the AutoCompletePolygon Task to create a new Polygon from a Line sketch geometry.
Button (esriFramework) Button CoType.
ColorCorrectionWindowCommand (esriArcMapUI) Opens Color Correction Window
CommandHost Use this class to host C++ command implementations in a Toolbar.
ConstructPointsCommand (esriEditor)
Controls3DAnalystContourTool (esriControls) Generates the contour that passes through a query point.
Controls3DAnalystSteepestPathTool (esriControls) Generates the steepest path down from a point.
ControlsAddDataCommand (esriControls) Browses data sets and adds data.
ControlsAGOLSignonCommand (esriControls) ArcGIS Online Signin Command.
ControlsAlignBottomCommand (esriControls) Aligns selected elements to the bottom.
ControlsAlignCenterCommand (esriControls) Aligns selected elements to the horizontal center.
ControlsAlignLeftCommand (esriControls) Aligns selected elements to the left.
ControlsAlignMiddleCommand (esriControls) Aligns selected elements to the vertical center.
ControlsAlignRightCommand (esriControls) Aligns selected elements to the right.
ControlsAlignToMarginsCommand (esriControls) Toggles whether alignment is to page margins or elements in the selection.
ControlsAlignTopCommand (esriControls) Aligns selected elements to the top.
ControlsBringForwardCommand (esriControls) Brings the selected element(s) forward.
ControlsBringToFrontCommand (esriControls) Brings the selected element(s) to the front.
ControlsClearSelectionCommand (esriControls) Unselects the currently selected features in all layers.
ControlsContextHelpCommand (esriControls) Provides context sensitive help for toolbar items.
ControlsDistributeHorizontallyCommand (esriControls) Distributes selected elements evenly in the vertical direction.
ControlsDistributeVerticallyCommand (esriControls) Distributes selected elements evenly in the horizontal direction.
ControlsDynamicDisplayNavigatorCommand (esriControls) Toggles the Dynamic Display in view navigator on or off.
ControlsEditingAttributeCommand (esriControls) Shows the feature property editor.
ControlsEditingClearCommand (esriControls) Delete the selected element(s).
ControlsEditingCopyCommand (esriControls) Copy the selected element(s).
ControlsEditingCutCommand (esriControls) Cut the selected element(s).
ControlsEditingEditTool (esriControls) Edits features and their geometries.
ControlsEditingPasteCommand (esriControls) Paste the clipboard contents into your map.
ControlsEditingSaveCommand (esriControls) Saves any pending edits.
ControlsEditingSketchAbsoluteXYCommand (esriControls) Adds a point at known location.
ControlsEditingSketchChangeLengthCommand (esriControls) Removes the last vertex and preserves the direction of the segment.
ControlsEditingSketchDeflectionCommand (esriControls) Constrains the direction of the segment being created relative to the previous segment.
ControlsEditingSketchDeleteCommand (esriControls) Deletes the edit sketch.
ControlsEditingSketchDeltaXYCommand (esriControls) Adds a point at an offset from the last point.
ControlsEditingSketchDirectionCommand (esriControls) Constrains the direction of the segment being created.
ControlsEditingSketchDirectionLengthCommand (esriControls) Adds a segment using a direction and length.
ControlsEditingSketchFinishCommand (esriControls) Completes the edit sketch.
ControlsEditingSketchFinishPartCommand (esriControls) Completes a part of a multi-part geometry.
ControlsEditingSketchFinishSquareCommand (esriControls) Squares off and finishes the sketch.
ControlsEditingSketchLengthCommand (esriControls) Constrains the length of the segment being created.
ControlsEditingSketchParallelCommand (esriControls) Constrains the direction parallel to the segment.
ControlsEditingSketchPerpendicularCommand (esriControls) Constrains the direction to be perpendicular to the segment.
ControlsEditingSketchPropertiesCommand (esriControls) Shows a dialog for editing properties of the edit sketch geometry.
ControlsEditingSketchReplaceCommand (esriControls) Replaces the sketch geometry.
ControlsEditingSketchSegmentDeflectionCommand (esriControls) Constrains the direction to a given deflection from the segment.
ControlsEditingSketchStreamingCommand (esriControls) Set/unsets stream mode editing.
ControlsEditingSketchTool (esriControls) Adds points to the edit sketch.
ControlsEditingSnapEdgeCommand (esriControls) Snap to an edge.
ControlsEditingSnapEndpointCommand (esriControls) Snap to an endpoint.
ControlsEditingSnapMidpointCommand (esriControls) Snap to a midpoint.
ControlsEditingSnappingCommand (esriControls) Shows the snapping environment dialog.
ControlsEditingSnapVertexCommand (esriControls) Snap to a vertex.
ControlsEditingStartCommand (esriControls) Starts an edit session.
ControlsEditingStopCommand (esriControls) Stops the edit session.
ControlsEditingTargetToolControl (esriControls) Layer in which features you create will be stored.
ControlsEditingTaskToolControl (esriControls) Selects the edit task.
ControlsEditingVertexDeleteCommand (esriControls) Deletes a vertex from the edit sketch.
ControlsEditingVertexInsertCommand (esriControls) Inserts a vertex into the edit sketch.
ControlsEditingVertexMoveCommand (esriControls) Moves the vertex to a new location.
ControlsEditingVertexMoveToCommand (esriControls) Moves the vertex relative to its current location.
ControlsFindRouteCommand (esriControls) Shows a dialog to find route and display driving directions.
ControlsFlickerRateToolControl (esriControls) Controls the rate (in milliseconds) of the layer flicker.
ControlsFullScreenCommand (esriControls) The applications active window take up the full screen.
ControlsGenericGetPositionTool (esriControls) Tools that can be used to retrieve the cursor coordinates as the user clicks on the map or globe.
ControlsGlobeFindCommand (esriControls) Finds features on a globe, launches a modeless dialog to search fields in globe layers.
ControlsGlobeFixedLineOfSightTool (esriControls) Rotates the observer around the target.
ControlsGlobeFixedZoomInCommand (esriControls) Zooms in with a fixed scale.
ControlsGlobeFixedZoomOutCommand (esriControls) Zooms out with a fixed scale.
ControlsGlobeFlickerCommand (esriControls) Reveals layers below the selected layer in the globe by flickering for the specified time duration.
ControlsGlobeFlyTool (esriControls) Flies over the globe.
ControlsGlobeFullExtentCommand (esriControls) Zooms to full extent of the globe.
ControlsGlobeGoToCommand (esriControls) Pans the globe to a specified location.
ControlsGlobeHyperlinkTool (esriControls) Hyperlinks to features on a globe, if more than one hyperlink is under the cursor a dialog is shown allowing the user to select which hyperlink to jump to.
ControlsGlobeIdentifyTool (esriControls) Finds features on a globe, launches a modeless dialog to search fields in globe layers.
ControlsGlobeKMLNetworkLinkCommand (esriControls) Add KML Network Link.
ControlsGlobeLayerListToolControl (esriControls) Tool control that displays a layer list for the globe.
ControlsGlobeLookAroundTool (esriControls) Rotates the observer to look around.
ControlsGlobeMeasureTool (esriControls) Measures features on a globe, a floating tooltip is used to show the result. The message property returns a string for the status bar.
ControlsGlobeNavigateTool (esriControls) Navigates the globe.
ControlsGlobeNavigationModeCommand (esriControls) Toggles globe and surface navigation modes.
ControlsGlobeNorthCommand (esriControls) Orientates the observer to look north.
ControlsGlobeOpenDocCommand (esriControls) Opens a globe document.
ControlsGlobeOrbitalFlyTool (esriControls) Flies in orbital trajectories over the globe.
ControlsGlobePanDragTool (esriControls) Trackball style pan tool.
ControlsGlobePanTool (esriControls) Pans the globe.
ControlsGlobeRotateBackCommand (esriControls) Rotates globe backward.
ControlsGlobeRotateClockwiseCommand (esriControls) Rotate globe in a clockwise direction.
ControlsGlobeRotateCounterClockwiseCommand (esriControls) Rotate globe in a counter clockwise direction.
ControlsGlobeRotateForwardCommand (esriControls) Rotates globe forward.
ControlsGlobeSelectFeaturesTool (esriControls) Selects features by clicking.
ControlsGlobeSpinClockwiseCommand (esriControls) Spins globe in a clockwise direction.
ControlsGlobeSpinCounterClockwiseCommand (esriControls) Spins globe in a counter Clockwise direction.
ControlsGlobeSpinFasterCommand (esriControls) Spins globe faster.
ControlsGlobeSpinSlowerCommand (esriControls) Spins globe slower.
ControlsGlobeSpinStopCommand (esriControls) Stops globe from spinning.
ControlsGlobeSwipeTool (esriControls) Interactively reveals layers on a globe.
ControlsGlobeTargetCenterTool (esriControls) Centers view at selected target.
ControlsGlobeTargetPanTool (esriControls) Pans to selected target.
ControlsGlobeTargetZoomTool (esriControls) Zooms to selected target.
ControlsGlobeWalkTool (esriControls) Walks on the globe surface.
ControlsGlobeZoomInOutTool (esriControls) Dynamically zooms in or out the globle.
ControlsGroupCommand (esriControls) Groups the selected elements.
ControlsInkAddInkToSketchCommand (esriControls) Adds the current ink sketch to the current edit sketch.
ControlsInkClearInkCommand (esriControls) Deletes the current ink sketch.
ControlsInkEraserTool (esriControls) Erases ink from a map or layout.
ControlsInkFindInkCommand (esriControls) Finds ink which represents a given text string.
ControlsInkFinishSketchCommand (esriControls) Converts the current ink sketch to a GraphicElement.
ControlsInkGenericDrawTool (esriControls) A generic ink drawing tool.
ControlsInkHighlightTool (esriControls) Draws semi-transparent ink on a map or layout.
ControlsInkOptionsCommand (esriControls) Displays a dialog allowing you to change ink-related options.
ControlsInkPenTool (esriControls) Draws colored ink on a map or layout.
ControlsInkReactivateCommand (esriControls) Converts a GraphicElement back into ink.
ControlsInkRecognizeCommand (esriControls) Recognizes ink as text and converts it to a TextElement (only available on a TabletPC).
ControlsLayerListToolControl (esriControls) Tool control that displays a layer list for the focus map.
ControlsLayerTransparencyCommand (esriControls) Command to set the transparency value on a layer.
ControlsMapClearMapRotationCommand (esriControls) Set the data frame's rotation to zero.
ControlsMapCreateBookmarkCommand (esriControls) Creates a spatial bookmark for the focus map.
ControlsMapDownCommand (esriControls) Scrolls the map down.
ControlsMapFindCommand (esriControls) Finds features and locations on a map. Launches a modeless dialog to search fields in map layers and to locate addresses and places.
ControlsMapFlickerCommand (esriControls) Reveals layers below the selected layer in the map by flickering for the specified time duration.
ControlsMapFullExtentCommand (esriControls) Zooms to the full extent of the map.
ControlsMapGoToCommand (esriControls) Pans the Map to a specified location.
ControlsMapHyperlinkTool (esriControls) Hyperlinks to features on a map, if more than one hyperlink is under the cursor a dialog is shown allowing the user to select which hyperlink to jump to.
ControlsMapIdentifyTool (esriControls) Identifies features on a map, launches a modeless identify dialog containing the results.
ControlsMapLeftCommand (esriControls) Scrolls the map left.
ControlsMapManageBookmarksCommand (esriControls) Manages spatial bookmarks for the focus map.
ControlsMapMeasureTool (esriControls) Measures features on a map, a floating tooltip is used to show the result. The message property returns a string for the status bar.
ControlsMapPageDownCommand (esriControls) Moves the map one page down.
ControlsMapPageLeftCommand (esriControls) Moves the map one page left.
ControlsMapPageRightCommand (esriControls) Moves the map one page right.
ControlsMapPageUpCommand (esriControls) Moves the map one page up.
ControlsMapPanTool (esriControls) Pans the map.
ControlsMapRefreshViewCommand (esriControls) Refreshes the active view.
ControlsMapRightCommand (esriControls) Scrolls the map right.
ControlsMapRoamTool (esriControls) Click the mouse left button to start or finish roaming, move the mouse to change roaming direction and speed.
ControlsMapRotateTool (esriControls) Rotates the focus data frame.
ControlsMapSwipeTool (esriControls) Interactively reveals layers on a map.
ControlsMapUpCommand (esriControls) Scrolls the map up.
ControlsMapZoomInFixedCommand (esriControls) Zooms in with a fixed scale.
ControlsMapZoomInTool (esriControls) Zooms in by clicking a point or dragging a box.
ControlsMapZoomOutFixedCommand (esriControls) Zooms out with a fixed scale.
ControlsMapZoomOutTool (esriControls) Zooms out by clicking a point or dragging a box.
ControlsMapZoomPanTool (esriControls) Drags up/down with left mouse button down to zoom out/in, or with right mouse button down to pan.
ControlsMapZoomToLastExtentBackCommand (esriControls) Goes backward to previous extent.
ControlsMapZoomToLastExtentForwardCommand (esriControls) Goes forward to next extent.
ControlsMapZoomToolControl (esriControls) Zooms the map by a particular percentage.
ControlsMyPlacesCommand (esriControls) Shows my places window.
ControlsNetworkAnalystClosestFacilityCommand (esriControls) Finds the best route between incidents and facilities.
ControlsNetworkAnalystCreateLocationTool (esriControls) Create a Network Location.
ControlsNetworkAnalystDirectionsCommand (esriControls) Display the Directions Window.
ControlsNetworkAnalystLayerToolControl (esriControls) Active Network Dataset Layer.
ControlsNetworkAnalystLocationAllocationCommand (esriControls) Chooses the best candidate facilities to service the demand.
ControlsNetworkAnalystODCostMatrixCommand (esriControls) OD Cost Matrix Analysis.
ControlsNetworkAnalystRouteCommand (esriControls) Create a new Route Analysis Layer.
ControlsNetworkAnalystSelectLocationTool (esriControls) Select or Move Network Locations.
ControlsNetworkAnalystServiceAreaCommand (esriControls) Finds the what can be traversed within a specified cutoff.
ControlsNetworkAnalystSolveCommand (esriControls) Run the current analysis.
ControlsNetworkAnalystVehicleRoutingProblemCommand (esriControls) Optimizes the route assignment and sequence for a set of orders using a fleet of vehicles.
ControlsNetworkAnalystWindowCommand (esriControls) Show/Hide the Network Analyst Window.
ControlsNewCircleTool (esriControls) Draws a circle.
ControlsNewCurveTool (esriControls) Draws a cubic Bezier curve.
ControlsNewEllipseTool (esriControls) Draws an ellipse.
ControlsNewFrameTool (esriControls) Creates a new frame element.
ControlsNewFreeHandTool (esriControls) Draws a freehand line.
ControlsNewLineTool (esriControls) Draws a straight line.
ControlsNewMarkerTool (esriControls) Create a new marker graphic element.
ControlsNewPolygonTool (esriControls) Draws a polygon.
ControlsNewRectangleTool (esriControls) Draws a rectangle.
ControlsNudgeDownCommand (esriControls) Moves the selected element(s) down.
ControlsNudgeLeftCommand (esriControls) Moves the selected element(s) left.
ControlsNudgeRightCommand (esriControls) Moves the selected element(s) right.
ControlsNudgeUpCommand (esriControls) Moves the selected element(s) up.
ControlsOpenDocCommand (esriControls) Opens an existing map.
ControlsPageFocusNextMapCommand (esriControls) Moves the focus to the next data frame.
ControlsPageFocusPreviousMapCommand (esriControls) Moves the focus to the previous data frame.
ControlsPageNewMapCommand (esriControls) Creates a new data frame.
ControlsPagePanTool (esriControls) Pans the map layout by dragging it.
ControlsPageZoom100PercentCommand (esriControls) Zooms the map layout to 100% (1:1).
ControlsPageZoomInFixedCommand (esriControls) Zooms in on the center of the map layout.
ControlsPageZoomInTool (esriControls) Zooms in on the map layout by clicking a point or dragging a box.
ControlsPageZoomOutFixedCommand (esriControls) Zooms out on the center of the map layout.
ControlsPageZoomOutTool (esriControls) Zooms out on the map layout by clicking a point or dragging a box.
ControlsPageZoomPageToLastExtentBackCommand (esriControls) Goes back to previous extent of the map layout.
ControlsPageZoomPageToLastExtentForwardCommand (esriControls) Goes forward to the next extent of the map layout.
ControlsPageZoomPageWidthCommand (esriControls) Zooms to the width of the page.
ControlsPageZoomToolControl (esriControls) Zooms the map layout by a particular percentage.
ControlsPageZoomWholePageCommand (esriControls) Zooms to the whole map layout.
ControlsRedoCommand (esriControls) Redoes the last operation.
ControlsRotateElementTool (esriControls) Rotates the selected text or graphic(s).
ControlsRotateLeftCommand (esriControls) Rotates the selected text or graphic(s) 90 degrees counterclockwise.
ControlsRotateRightCommand (esriControls) Rotates the selected text or graphic(s) 90 degrees clockwise.
ControlsSaveAsDocCommand (esriControls) Saves current map document to a new file.
ControlsSceneExpandFOVCommand (esriControls) Expands the field of view.
ControlsSceneFlyTool (esriControls) Flies through the scene.
ControlsSceneFullExtentCommand (esriControls) Displays the scene at full extent.
ControlsSceneNarrowFOVCommand (esriControls) Narrows the field of view.
ControlsSceneNavigateTool (esriControls) Navigates the scene.
ControlsSceneOpenDocCommand (esriControls) Opens a scene document.
ControlsScenePanTool (esriControls) Pans the scene.
ControlsSceneSelectFeaturesTool (esriControls) Selects features by clicking.
ControlsSceneSelectGraphicsTool (esriControls) Selects graphics by clicking.
ControlsSceneSetObserverTool (esriControls) Sets observer position to selected point.
ControlsSceneTargetCenterTool (esriControls) Centers view at selected target.
ControlsSceneTargetZoomTool (esriControls) Zooms to selected target.
ControlsSceneZoomInOutTool (esriControls) Dynamically zooms in and out on the scene.
ControlsSceneZoomInTool (esriControls) Zooms in on the scene.
ControlsSceneZoomOutTool (esriControls) Zooms out on the scene.
ControlsSchematicCreateDiagramCommand (esriSchematicControls) Generate new Schematic diagram.
ControlsSchematicDecreaseLabelSizeCommand (esriSchematicControls) Decrease the label size.
ControlsSchematicDecreaseSymbolSizeCommand (esriSchematicControls) Decrease the symbol size.
ControlsSchematicEditTargetControl (esriSchematicControls) Select schematic diagram target.
ControlsSchematicImportLayerPropertiesCommand (esriSchematicControls) Import layer properties from a file.
ControlsSchematicIncreaseLabelSizeCommand (esriSchematicControls) Increase the label size.
ControlsSchematicIncreaseSymbolSizeCommand (esriSchematicControls) Increase the symbol size.
ControlsSchematicLayoutExecuteCommand (esriSchematicControls) Perform selected Schematic layout task.
ControlsSchematicLayoutPropertiesCommand (esriSchematicControls) Show the selected schematic layout properties form.
ControlsSchematicLayoutToolControl (esriSchematicControls) Select schematic diagram layout.
ControlsSchematicMoveElementTool (esriSchematicControls) Move the Schematic element.
ControlsSchematicPropagateLayerPropertiesCommand (esriSchematicControls) Propagate layer properties to all diagrams of the same template.
ControlsSchematicRemoveLinkPointsCommand (esriSchematicControls) Remove the link points.
ControlsSchematicRestoreDefaultLayerPropertiesCommand (esriSchematicControls) Restore the default layer properties.
ControlsSchematicSaveAsDiagramCommand (esriSchematicControls) Save Schematic Diagram as.
ControlsSchematicSaveEditsCommand (esriSchematicControls) Save diagram edits command.
ControlsSchematicSelectEndTool (esriSchematicControls) Define a Schematic end.
ControlsSchematicSelectRootTool (esriSchematicControls) Define a Schematic root.
ControlsSchematicSquareLinksCommand (esriSchematicControls) Square the Schematic links.
ControlsSchematicStartEditCommand (esriSchematicControls) Start editing the schematic diagram.
ControlsSchematicStopEditCommand (esriSchematicControls) Stop editing the schematic diagram.
ControlsSchematicUpdateDiagramCommand (esriSchematicControls) Update a Schematic diagram.
ControlsSelectAllCommand (esriControls) Selects all the features in selectable layers.
ControlsSelectByGraphicsCommand (esriControls) Selects features that are intersected by the selected graphics.
ControlsSelectFeaturesTool (esriControls) Selects features by clicking or dragging a box.
ControlsSelectScreenCommand (esriControls) Selects the features currently visible on the screen.
ControlsSelectTool (esriControls) Selects, resizes and moves text, graphics and other objects placed on the map.
ControlsSendBackwardCommand (esriControls) Sends the selected element(s) backward.
ControlsSendToBackCommand (esriControls) Sends the selected element(s) to the back.
ControlsSnappingEnabledCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Use Snapping.
ControlsSnappingToEdgeCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Snap to an edge.
ControlsSnappingToEndCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Snap to an end.
ControlsSnappingToIntersectionCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Snap to an intersection.
ControlsSnappingToMidpointCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Snap to a midpoint.
ControlsSnappingToPointCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Snap to a point.
ControlsSnappingToTangentCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Snap to an intersection.
ControlsSnappingToVertexCommand (esriControls) Update the snapping environment. Snap to a vertex.
ControlsSwitchSelectionCommand (esriControls) Makes unselected features selected.
ControlsToggleDynamicDisplayCommand (esriControls) Toggles Dynamic Display on or off.
ControlsUndoCommand (esriControls) Undoes the last operation.
ControlsUngroupCommand (esriControls) Ungroups the selected elements.
ControlsZoomToSelectedCommand (esriControls) Zooms to the selected features in all layers.
CutPolygonsTool (esriEditor)
EditMetadataToolMenuItem (esriGeoprocessingUI) Edit Metadata Tool Menu Item.
EditTool (esriEditor) Editing tool which edits features.
ExportScriptToolMenuItems (esriGeoprocessingUI) Export Script Tool Menu Item.
FDLDataSrcCmdEdit (esriDataInteropUI) FDLDataSrcCmdEdit Class
GlobeDeployCommand (esriArcGlobe) Command to run the deployment wizard.
GPCoverageToolCommand (esriGeoprocessingUI) The Geoprocessoring coverage tool command.
GPSystemToolCommand (esriGeoprocessingUI) The Geoprocessoring system tool command.
GPToolCommand (esriGeoprocessingUI) The Geoprocessoring custom tool command.
IdentifyWindowCommand (esriArcMapUI) Command to open the Identify Window.
ImageAnalysisWindowCommand (esriArcMapUI) Command to open the Image Analysis Window.
ImportScriptToolMenuItems (esriGeoprocessingUI) Import Script Tool Menu Item.
LineFeatureTool (esriEditor) Tool that creates a new Polyline sketch geometry.
MapViewCommandsMenuItems (esriArcMapUI) Map View Commands Menu Items.
MirrorFeaturesTool (esriEditor)
MissingCommand (esriControls) Missing commands that cannot be created by the ToolbarControl.
MxPickAddressCommand (esriLocationUI) MxAddressInspectorTool Pick Address command.
NewAddressLocatorMenuItem (esriLocationUI) New Address Locator Menu Item.
NewCompositeAddressLocatorMenuItem (esriLocationUI) New Composite Address Locator Menu Item.
OpenTableCommand (esriArcMapUI) Global Command that opens the table(s) associated to the current selection in the TOC.
PointAtEndOfLineTool (esriEditor) Tool that creates a new Point/Multipoint at the end of a line geometry.
PointFeatureTool (esriEditor) Tool that creates a new Point/Multipoint sketch geometry.
PolygonFeatureTool (esriEditor) Tool that creates a new Polygon sketch geometry.
ReplaceGeometryTool (esriEditor)
ReshapeFeatureTool (esriEditor)
SetScriptPasswordToolMenuItems (esriGeoprocessingUI) Set Script Password Tool Menu Item.
SketchAngleDistanceCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new AngleDistanceConstructor on the Editor.
SketchArcCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new ArcConstructor on the Editor.
SketchBezierCurveCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new BezierCurveConstructor on the Editor.
SketchDistanceDistanceCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new DistanceDistanceConstructor on the Editor.
SketchEndPointArcCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new EndPointConstructor on the Editor.
SketchIntersectionCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new IntersectionConstructor on the Editor.
SketchMidpointCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new MidpointConstructor on the Editor.
SketchPointCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new PointConstructor on the Editor.
SketchRightAngleCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new RightAngleConstructor on the Editor.
SketchStraightCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new StraightConstructor on the Editor.
SketchTangentCurveCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new TangentCurveConstructor on the Editor.
SketchTraceCommand (esriEditor) Initializes a new TraceConstructor on the Editor.
TableContextMenuArrangeItems (esriArcMapUI) Arrange table windows context menu items.
TimeSliderWindowCommand (esriArcMapUI) Command to open the Time Slider Window.
Tool (esriFramework) Tool CoType.
ToolControl (esriFramework) ToolControl CoType.
ToolHost Use this class to host pure C++ tool implementations in a Toolbar.
ViewMetadataToolMenuItem (esriGeoprocessingUI) View Metadata Tool Menu Item.


Even if you do not have to write code for all the properties and methods on the ICommand interface to meet the requirements of your command design, you must at least create stub code for all of the properties and methods.

When you implement ICommand to create a custom command, you will find that your class constructor and destructor are called more than once per session.  Commands are constructed once initially to get information about them, like the name, bitmap, etc and then they are destroyed.  When the final, complete construction takes place, the OnCreate method gets called.  OnCreate gets called only once, so you can rely on it to perform initialization of member variables.  You can check for initialized member variables in the class destructor to find out if OnCreate has been called previously.

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