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ICommandSubType Interface

Provides access to members that define a subtyped command.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

The ICommandSubType interface is used when you want to have more than one command in a single class. You would implement both ICommand and ICommandSubType in your class. With the ICommandSubType interface you would specify how many subtypes there are. Then, within the implementation each ICommand property you would set the property for each subtype instead of implementing the ICommand interface multiple times.


Method GetCount The number of commands defined with this CLSID.
Method SetSubType The subtype of the command.

CoClasses that implement ICommandSubType

CoClasses and Classes Description
ControlsInkEraserTool (esriControls) Erases ink from a map or layout.
ControlsInkHighlightTool (esriControls) Draws semi-transparent ink on a map or layout.
ControlsInkPenTool (esriControls) Draws colored ink on a map or layout.
GPCoverageToolCommand (esriGeoprocessingUI) The Geoprocessoring coverage tool command.
GPSystemToolCommand (esriGeoprocessingUI) The Geoprocessoring system tool command.
GPToolCommand (esriGeoprocessingUI) The Geoprocessoring custom tool command.

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