ArcObjects Library Reference (Controls)  

ControlsAddDataCommand CoClass

Browses data sets and adds data.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.


The CLSID of this command is: {B100C679-76C5-410D-BC8D-AE9E7882A80F}.

This command works with the ToolbarControl, PageLayoutControl, MapControl, GlobeControl, ArcMap, and ArcGlobe.


Interfaces Description
ICommand (esriSystemUI) Provides access to members that define a COM command.


The ControlsAddDataCommand can be used to add the following types of data to an ArcGIS Engine application:

Data types not listed above may be loaded into the ArcGIS Engine Controls programmatically, by loading layer files (*.lyr), or by loading pre-authored map documents (*.mxd) using the ControlsOpenDocCommand or the ControlsGlobeOpenDocCommand.

Tables can be selected and added using the Add Data dialog but they will not appear in any of the supported controls. However, they can be accessed programmatically through the IStandaloneTableCollection interface.