ArcObjects Library Reference (Controls)  

ControlsAGOLSignonCommand CoClass

ArcGIS Online Signin Command.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.


This command works with the ToolbarControl, PageLayoutControl, MapControl, GlobeControl, ArcMap, and ArcGlobe.


Interfaces Description
ICommand (esriSystemUI) Provides access to members that define a COM command.


This command allows a user to sign on to ArcGIS Online using their ESRI Global Account details. Logging in affects other commands which would otherwise prompt for login information, for example, neither the Create Map Package or Create Layer Package commands (available in ArcGIS Desktop) will show a login dialog when uploading data to ArcGIS Online.

Logging in creates a machine-wide token which is valid for a period of time and which can be used across multiple applications.  This means that a user can login once but will not need to login again when running another ArcGIS Engine or ArcGIS Desktop application.

If the user chooses to save login details and to automatically sign on then the command will not show the login dialog again when clicked.