ArcObjects Library Reference (Controls)  

ControlsGlobeHyperlinkTool CoClass

Hyperlinks to features on a globe, if more than one hyperlink is under the cursor a dialog is shown allowing the user to select which hyperlink to jump to.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.


The CLSID of this command is: {6D290F64-6EAB-43AE-B0AF-4AC9EBC70872}.

This command works with the ToolbarControl, GlobeControl and ArcGlobe.

This command requires a 3DAnalyst extension. Any ArcGIS Engine application using this command must check out a 3DAnalyst extension using either the LicenseControl or the AoInitialize object.


Interfaces Description
ICommand (esriSystemUI) Provides access to members that define a COM command.
ITool (esriSystemUI) Provides access to members that define a tool.