Validating network features in ArcMap

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

  1. Add your network feature classes to ArcMap.
  2. Click the Editor Toolbar button Editor Toolbar on the Standard toolbar.
  3. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar and click Start Editing.
  4. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar.
  5. Click the network features you want to validate.
  6. Click Editor > Validate Features.

    If there are any invalid features, a message box appears telling you how many of the features are invalid. Only those features that are invalid remain selected.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click one of the invalid network features.
  9. Click Editor > Validate Features.

    A dialog box appears informing you why the selected feature is invalid.

  10. Click OK.
  11. Make the necessary edits to the network to make the feature valid. This may involve performing some of the network editing tasks described in other topics.
  12. Click Editor > Validate Features.

    You should see a message box informing you that all the features are valid.

  13. Click OK.
  14. NoteNote:

    Network features may have connectivity as well as attribute and relationship validation rules associated with them.

    To learn more about connectivity rules, see About geometric network connectivity rules.

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