Setting perpendicular offsets for event layers

To better represent events visually, Esri Roads and Highways can help you offset event layers to the right or left of their assigned route using preset values stored in the business table. Roads and Highways supports offset values using positive and negative numbers for offset direction. Alternatively, you can specify an offset direction field and list the values that determine whether the event will post to the right or left of the route.

Perpendicular offsets can be set at the end of the ALRS Event Setup wizard and can be applied to all types of events.


Perpendicular Offset properties

  1. Click the Perpendicular Offset Field drop-down arrow to choose the field from the event table that stores the offset information.

    Perpendicular Offset Field selected

  2. Optionally set the offset direction.
    1. Click the Offset Direction Field drop-down arrow to choose the field that stores offset direction information.

      Offset Direction Field selected

    2. Type values into the lists of Comma delimited values for offsets on the right-side of the route text box that represent the right side of the route values, for example, RIGHT, -, B.

      Offset direction values can be any character or combination of characters (Left/Right, A/B, L/R, +/-, and so on). Roads and Highways allows for the possibility that data may not be consistent with regard to offset direction even within the same business table. If your business table has more than one valid value to represent negative offsets (for example, RIGHT, Right, right, R, r, or rgt), list them all separated by commas.

      Enter the values that indicate negative offsets