Registering an X and Y coordinate offset event

Another event, X and Y Coordinate Offset event, also referred to as GPS Offset, is one of three reference offset events. In this type of reference offset event, an event layer is registered and posted with an offset against an X- and Y-coordinate location.

The most common manner of obtaining the X- and Y-coordinates is through a GPS.

  1. Start ArcMap and open the Catalog window or start ArcCatalog.
  2. In the Catalog tree, connect to the geodatabase that contains the advanced linear referencing system (ALRS) and LRS Network for which you want to add event layers.
  3. Expand the ALRS that contains the LRS Network for which you want to add event layers.
  4. Right-click the LRS Network and click New > LRS Event.

    The ALRS Event Setup wizard appears.

    ALRS Event Setup wizard

  5. Click Next.
  6. Select X and Y Coordinate Offset.

    X and Y Coordinate Offset

  7. Click Next.

    Example GPS Offset event properties

    The General Event Properties page of the wizard appears.

  8. Type a name for your event layer in the Event Name text box.
  9. Verify that the parent network is set to the correct network.
  10. Click the browse button next to the Event Table text box.

    The Browse Data dialog box appears.

    Browse to the appropriate business table

    External events can use OLE DB connections. For more information about setting up OLE DB connections in your database, see Connecting to an external event source.


    When adding local events to an SDE geodatabase, the event table must be registered as versioned.

  11. Browse to the business table for which you want to create an event layer and click Select.

    If the table you browse to is in the same geodatabase as your LRS Network, you will create a local event. If the table you browse to is outside of the geodatabase, you will create an external event. You must use caution to ensure you are pointing to the correct location when you browse to your business table. For more information about local and external events, see Advanced linear referencing—staging tables.

    The Create New LRS Event dialog box is populated with information from the event table.

    Create New LRS Event dialog box populated with information from the business table
  12. Verify and update the rest of the information on the Create New LRS Event dialog box as needed.
    1. Set the Event ID Field.
    2. Set the Route ID Field.
    3. Set the From Date Field.
    4. Set the To Date Field.
    5. Set the Time zone.
  13. Click Next to set GPS Reference Offset properties.
    Example GPS Reference Offset properties
    1. Set X Coord Field.
    2. Set Y Coord Field.
    3. Set Spatial Reference (Spatial Reference of X and Y Coordinates).
    4. Set Offset Field.
    5. Set Offset Units.
    6. Set Snap Tolerance.
  14. Click Next to set perpendicular offset.

    For more information about perpendicular offsets, see Setting perpendicular offsets for events.

  15. Click Finish.