Introduction to the Territory Design tutorial

Welcome to the Territory Design for ArcGIS tutorial. This tutorial takes you through the process of creating, balancing, improving and analyzing territories. When you install Business Analyst, the Territory Design toolbar is also installed. Sample data is provided so that you can create territories. All Territory Solutions are saved as geodatabases and layers into your My Output Data directory. You can access current and previous solutions from the Business Analyst Window Project Explorer.

In this tutorial, you're the Vice President of Metro Landscape, a major residential landscape services firm in the Detroit, Michigan area. You are in charge of overseeing the management of each of the five branch locations. With the growing business and increasing area population, problems have surfaced such as overlapping crews, uneven sales at each office and a decline of new contracts. Your goal is to work with each of the five office managers to create new territories that will define boundaries for sales and marketing efforts and establish consistent service areas. You also want to expand the business into another area and will create new territories.

Territory Design for ArcGIS can help you:

Overview of the tutorial exercises

The tutorial is divided into a series of exercises: