Exercise 5: Reassigning territories manually

In the previous exercise, you created well balanced territories for Total Population but territories for Diversity Index were not well balanced. This exercise will show you how to manually reassign territories for better balance using the Diversity Index.

  1. In the Territory Design toolbox, click the Select button.
    Select button
  2. In the map, click on the census tracts to highlight them. Hold down the SHIFT key to highlight more than one census tract.
    map with highlighted census tracts
  3. Right-click and select Add to Territory. Select Hull to add the census tracts on the map to the Hull territory.

    The map below shows the areas added to the Hull territory.

    map with census tracts added to the territory

    The graph below shows that the Hull territory value for the Diversity Index is closer to the balancing line.

    2010 Diversity Index graph

Click Creating a territory report to go to the next exercise.