Exercise 2: Getting started

In this exercise, you will open Business Analyst and dock the toolbars.

  1. Open Business Analyst by clicking on the Business Analyst Web on your desktop.

    Notice that there is a Business Analyst shortcut and Business Analyst Web shortcut on your desktop. For the purposes of this tutorial, use the Business Analyst Web.

    When Business Analyst starts, the Business Analyst Desktop Message Center dialog box appears with recent project and map documents, software and data, new information and help, support and tutorials. You can click the x to close this and begin the tutorial.

  2. Be sure to dock the Business Analyst Toolbar and Territory Design Toolbar. These are docked by default when the application is opened. If you move them, dock them before beginning this tutorial.
    docked toolbars

    Many Territory Design menu commands are inactive. Once a Territory Solution is created, all options become active.

In the Adding seed points exercise, you will add seed points which are branch offices for Metro Landscape.