Exercise 3: Adding seed points

You can create territories using many methods but for this tutorial you will create territories from locations. Locations, known as seed points, are starting points around the territory areas. For this tutorial, seed points are your Metro Landscape branch offices. These offices contain equipment and where all business activities happen.

The steps below show you how to add seed points for your landscape services firm.

  1. Click the Add Data button Add Data button from the toolbar.
  2. From the Add Data dialog box, navigate to ...ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\Business Analyst\Datasets\Tutorial.

    To view the local directories, add a folder connection using the Connect to Folder button. See Folder Connections for more information.

  3. Highlight the sales_locations.shp file and click Add.

    The shapefile is added to ArcMap and appears in the table of contents and in the map view as shown below.

    table of contents and map
  4. Right-click on sales_locations in the table of contents and click Open Attribute Table.
    Open attribute table

    The Table dialog box appears with the office location, office manager, franchise ID and each manager's yearly sales volume-to-date.

    Table dialog box
  5. Click the x in the red box to close the Table dialog box.

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