Overview of making a collection of ArcPad Apps

This tutorial makes use of the Elmore sample data supplied with ArcPad, but focuses on the customization of toolbars from within ArcPad and the creation of ArcPad Apps.

Customization of toolbars can only be performed in ArcPad for Windows (not ArcPad for Windows Mobile); therefore, this tutorial describes the creation of ArcPad Apps (with custom toolbars) in Windows. ArcPad Apps can also be created on Windows Mobile. If you wish to use custom toolbars in your Windows Mobile Apps, you must first customize the toolbars on Windows, then copy them to your Windows Mobile device.

You have recently started using ArcPad and have several projects to undertake. Rather than having to open each map after opening ArcPad, you would like a series of shortcuts on your today screen, one for each project. You also would like a different look and feel for each project once inside ArcPad. The following tutorial collection will show you how to: