Customizing the Map Navigator for use in an ArcPad App

Your manager has asked if there is some way to remove the traditional toolbar but retain only the two tools in the App. To achieve this, you decide to create a custom ArcPad configuration file that will include a customized Map Navigator which has the two additional tools.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Browse to the Elmore sample data and create a new folder called Config_Reviewer.
  3. Open ArcPad Studio.
  4. Create a new configuration file.
  5. Save the configuration file into the folder Config_Reviewer and name it ArcPad.apx.
  6. Switch to the tree view.
  7. Copy the following text and paste it over the top of the all the text displayed in ArcPad Studio.
    		<TOOLBARS align="top">
    			<MAPNAVIGATOR style="0" horzalignment="left" tintcolor="0,20,40" backgroundcolor="SteelBlue" transparency="0.0" buttonsize="0">
    				<TOOLBUTTON command="modepan" useonce="true"/>
    				<TOOLBUTTON command="modezoomin" useonce="true"/>
    				<TOOLBUTTON command="modezoomout" useonce="true" flip="true"/>
    				<TOOLBUTTON command="zoomfullextent" useonce="true"/>
    				<TOOLBUTTON command="modeidentify" useonce="true"/>
    				<TOOLBUTTON command="exit" useonce="true"/>
  8. Notice that the Map Navigator now has two extra tools: Identify and Exit.
  9. Save the configuration and switch back to form view.
  10. Close ArcPad Studio and open the Elmore.apm in ArcPad.
  11. On the Quick Access menu, select Design Mode.
    Quick Access menu
  12. Click the Create App Shortcut button.
  13. Name the App Reviewer and choose the Extra icon.
    Create App Shortcut Description tab
  14. Choose the Options tab and confirm that the Load applets from preference paths option is checked and the default preferences will be used (that is, that Specify preferences is unchecked).
    Create App Shortcut Options tab
  15. Choose the Configuration tab and ensure the Load startup configuration and toolbars option is checked.
  16. Choose to Specify startup configuration option and use the browse button to navigate to the new ArcPad.apx that you created in the Config_Reviewer folder.
    Create App Shortcut Configuration tab
  17. Click OK.

    A prompt will show that the Reviewer App has been created. If an App called Reviewer already exists (for example, if you have followed the tutorial "Creating a new applet toolbar for use in an ArcPad App"), the previous App will be overwritten.

  18. Close ArcPad.
  19. From the ArcPad Apps folder on the Start menu, select the Reviewer App.

    Notice that there is no traditional toolbar, only the Map Navigator which displays the additional two tools.

    ArcPad App with custom Map Navigator