Creating a new applet toolbar for use in an ArcPad App

Using the same map and data, you now need to create a new App for your manager that allows her to review the information but has no need for editing at all.

  1. Open ArcPad.
  2. Open the map Elmore.apm.
  3. Click on the Quick Access menu, and select Design Mode.
  4. Right-click in the toolbar area and select Customize Toolbars.
  5. In the Toolbar Editor, click on the Toolbar Group drop-down menu and select New.
    Select New Toolbar Group

    This will create a new custom applet which will contain the new toolbars for your project.

  6. Save the new applet in your project folder so that you can easily move the toolbar along with the project map and data, if needed. Name the applet ElmoreQC.apa and click OK.
    Save As applet
  7. Your new applet will be loaded into the toolbar tree view, represented by a toolbar called ElmoreQC. Click on the ElmoreQC toolbar and rename it to Reviewer.
  8. Add the following tools to the Reviewer toolbar: Identify and Quit ArcPad.
    Add tools
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click on the Quick Access menu, and select Create App Shortcut.
  11. Name the App Reviewer.
  12. Select the Extra icon.
    Create App Shortcut Description tab
  13. On the Options tab, select the ElmoreQC.apa from the Applet drop-down list.
  14. Uncheck Load applets from preference paths option.
    Create App Shortcut Options tab

    These choices will ensure that the applets referenced by your preferences file (the default preferences file is \My ArcPad\ArcPadPrefs.apx) will not be loaded.

  15. On the Configuration tab, uncheck the Load startup configuration and toolbars option
    Create App Shortcut Configuration tab

    This choice, along with the one from step 14, will result in the shortcut for this App loading only the custom toolbar which you created and displaying only the two tools that you placed on the toolbar. The toolbars referenced by your configuration file (the default configuration file is \My ArcPad\ArcPad.apx) will not be loaded.

  16. Click OK.

    A prompt will show that the Reviewer App has been created.

  17. Close ArcPad.
  18. From the ArcPad Apps folder on the Start menu, select the Reviewer App.

    Notice that when ArcPad launches (with the Elmore project) only your two selected tools appear on the toolbar.