Editing the standard toolbars for use in an ArcPad App

You have decided that since making your shortcut and using your ArcPad App that there are too many tools on the toolbar. In fact, you feel you only need to turn the GPS on/off, edit data and interact with the map (zoom, pan, and so on) and be able to Quit ArcPad. You now decide to customize your toolbars.

  1. Open ArcPad.
  2. Open the map Elmore.apm.
  3. Click on the Quick Access menu, and select Design Mode.
    Quick Access menu

    Notice that when ArcPad enters Design Mode, the Quick Action button changes color and icon.

  4. Right-click in the toolbar area and select Customize Toolbars to open the Toolbar Editor.
    Customize Toolbars

    The Toolbar Editor contains a list of available tools, the Toolbar Group drop-down list, and the currently used toolbars for that toolbar group displayed in a tree view.

    You have decided to only use the Main and Quick Capture toolbars for your ongoing work as you have no need for the more complex drawing functions.

  5. In the toolbar tree on the right-hand side of the dialog box, highlight the Browse toolbar.
  6. Click the left facing arrow to remove the Browse toolbar and its contents.
    Remove Browse toolbar
  7. Highlight the Draw toolbar and remove it by repeating step 6.

    There are also too many tools on the main menu. You have determined that you don't need the following:

    • Open ArcPad Map (and its submenu of tools)
    • Add Layer (and its submenu of tools)
    • Table of Contents
    • ArcPad Options (and its submenu of tools)

  8. Select each tool and click the left facing arrow.

    If a tool is a parent of a submenu of tools, you can simply remove the parent tool and it will delete all the submenu tools.

  9. Click OK.
  10. Close ArcPad.
  11. From the ArcPad Apps folder on the Start menu, select the Jobs for Jeff App.
    Launch Jobs for Jeff

    Notice how the App now launches with your newly customized toolbars. The changes described here are stored in the default configuration file (ArcPad.apx). If you wish to return to the standard toolbars supplied with ArcPad, delete your ArcPad.apx file. Next time you launch ArcPad, a new default one will be generated for you.