Filtering feature templates in the Create Features window

Filtering the list of feature templates allows you to display only certain templates. The templates are not deleted; they are simply hidden on the Create Features window. Templates can be filtered by geometry type, layers, and search terms you enter.


Filtering templates applies only to the Create Features window. The list of templates is not filtered on the editing commands, such as Buffer, that require you to choose a template. All current templates that are valid for the output layer geometry type are displayed in those dialog boxes.

  1. To filter templates based on the results of a search, type a term in the Filter Templates <Search> box and click Search Search. If you already have a filter in place, the search only looks in the currently displayed templates.

    The templates that match your search terms are displayed. If no templates were found, click Clear Search Clear Search and try it again.

  2. To filter templates by type or layer, click the Arrange Templates button Arrange Templates By Grouping And Filtering on the Create Features window, point to Filter By, then click how you want to filter the templates.
    • Click the type of layer, such as Point, Line, or Polygon, to show only templates of that type.
    • Click Layers to show templates from only certain layers. Click the layers to display and click OK.
  3. To remove all filtering and display all templates, click Show All Templates.

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