Creating new feature templates

To create feature templates, open the Organize Feature Templates dialog box from the Create Features window and start the Create New Templates wizard. The wizard steps you through the quick process of making a template: first, you choose the layer or layers, then, if applicable, choose any or all classes within that layer to make into individual templates. Once the templates are created, you can change their default properties, copy and paste them, or delete them.

If you are in an edit session, and find that some of your layers are not listed in the Create New Templates wizard, they may not be editable or in the same workspace. When you start editing and have data from different folders or geodatabases in your map, you must choose a particular data source to edit. You can only edit one workspace in one data frame at a time; a workspace is either a folder of shapefiles or the feature classes within a single geodatabase.

When you are not in an edit session, you can create new feature templates for any layer in your map. To open the template organizer and access the wizard, right-click a layer in the table of contents, point to Edit Features, and click Organize Feature Templates.

  1. Click Organize Templates Organize Templates on the Create Features window.
  2. Click New Template on the Organize Feature Templates dialog box.
  3. Check the layers for which you want to create new templates.
  4. NoteNote:

    If the layer is symbolized as a single symbol, the wizard is completed in one step.

  5. Click Next.
  6. If any of the layers have subtypes or are symbolized by categories, choose the classes for which to create templates.
  7. Click Finish.

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