Overview of the Data Management toolsets

Provides a collection of toolsets that are used to develop, manage, and maintain the features within coverages and their attribute tables. These tools allow you to add fields (items) to tables, join tables, simplify lines, and build topology. There are also tools to create new coverages, manage coverage projections, append coverages, or convert features within a coverage from one feature class to another.




Contains the Append tool, which is used to combine coverages.

Composite Features

Contains tools to create or convert regions and routes within a coverage.


Generalization tools derive coverages with less detail and complexity for analysis and representation at reduced scales or for special purposes.


Contains tools that are used to add or remove coverage attribute indexes and INFO item indexes.


Contains tools used to add or remove items (fields) in INFO tables.


Contains the Join Info Tables tool which is used to join INFO tables.


The Projections toolset contains tools to set a projection for, reproject, or transform a coverage. Properly projected data ensures accurate, reproducible representations and measurements with your GIS data.


Contains tools used for editing the feature attribute tables associated with each feature class within a coverage.


Contains a tool to adjust coverage-associated tolerances or resolution of coordinates in a coverage.


Contains tools used to develop the topologic relationship within a coverage.

Workspace Management

Contains the Create Coverage tool, which allows the creation of a new coverage using the tic, boundary, and projection files of another coverage or grid.

Data Management toolsets

Published 6/8/2010