An overview of the Tables toolset

This topic applies to ArcInfo only.

Contains tools used for editing the feature attribute tables associated with each feature class within a coverage.

Coverages are georelational, which means they can associate attributes to spatial data. This is critical for accurate feature representation and modeling. The keystone of the georelational model is the unique feature identifier (ID), which relates attributes to a geographic feature. Coverages can have associated attribute information stored in tables.

Attribute tables contain rows and columns. Each row contains one record of descriptive data. The columns contain values for particular attributes, such as area, soil type, or drawing symbol.



Add XY Coordinates

Adds the items X-COORD and Y-COORD for labels or points to the input coverage PAT, or for nodes to the input coverage NAT, and calculates their values.

Renumber Nodes

Updates arc–node topology by renumbering nodes for the input coverage arcs and identifies arcs that share the same node locations.

Update IDs

Updates User-IDs in a coverage after they have been modified in a feature attribute table. The feature attribute table is used to determine the correct User-ID for each feature in the coverage. This value is recorded in all places where the feature User-ID is stored.

Tables toolset tools

Published 6/8/2010