An overview of the Composite Features toolset

This topic applies to ArcInfo only.

Contains tools to create or convert regions and routes within a coverage.

A route is any linear feature, such as a city street, highway, river, or pipe, that has a unique identifier and a measurement system. This measurement system defines discrete locations along the linear feature. To learn more, see Composite linear features in a coverage: Routes.

Regions support the modeling of complex relationships between geographic features, represented as polygons in a coverage. To learn more, see Overlapping polygons in a coverage: Regions.



Line Coverage To Region

Converts arcs to preliminary regions in a new or existing coverage or appends preliminary regions to an existing region subclass.

Line Coverage To Route

Creates a route system by creating whole arc sections for each arc in the input coverage and can also be used to append arcs to an existing route system.

Polygon Coverage To Region

Converts polygons to regions in a one-to-one mapping in a region subclass.

Region To Polygon Coverage

Converts a region subclass to a polygon coverage and creates an INFO table containing overlapping region information.

Composite Features toolset

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Published 6/8/2010