An overview of the Topology toolset

This topic applies to ArcInfo only.

Contains tools used to develop the topologic relationship within a coverage.

Topology defines spatial relationships between connecting or adjacent features in geographic data.

There are several advantages to creating and storing topology, including efficient data storage and facilitation of analytical functions. Topology can help identify intersections, adjacent polygons or features, and paths; build routes, and more.

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Creates or updates feature attribute tables and polygon topology. Build is also used to synchronize polygon User-IDs with label point User-IDs.


Generates a coverage with correct polygon or arc–node topology. To do this, Clean edits and corrects geometric coordinate errors, assembles arcs into polygons, and creates feature attribute information for each polygon or arc (that is, creates a PAT or AAT).

Create Labels

Creates label points for polygons that have no labels and assigns each a User-ID.

VPF Tile Topology

Creates cross-tile topology for all tiled coverages in a Vector Product Format (VPF) database library, or topology for an individual tile in a VPF library.

Topology toolset

Published 6/8/2010