Utility Services


REST services offer developers a RESTful interface into Esri Business Analyst's rich dataset and powerful analysis capabilities. The services are organized into three groups of services: Analysis/Report Services, Standard Geography Services and Utility Services.

Utility Services are generally used to perform a lookup or query type of operation with Business Analyst's dataset to support the Analysis/Report Services. With its rich and extensive underlying data, there are many applications where Utility Services can also be leveraged on a standalone basis.

Utility Services


Get Report Templates Get a list of all available Summary Reports templates in the dataset.
Get Summarizations Get a list of summarization variables and their metadata which are accessible with the API subscriber account.
Get Datasets Query the names of the publically-available datasets currently hosted by the Online API.


Utility services generally involve generation of a simple table listing or the results of a query. Refer to the individual documentation for each REST endpoint for more specific information.


Unlike in Analysis/Report services, which return a common set of results through a TaskResultOutput instance, output from Utility services can be generally described as consisting of a list-based response to a listing or query type of request. These lists can be represented in XML, JSON, PJSON, or HTML REST response formats. The individual records that are returned in the listing or query services can be used in REST services Analysis/Report Services or on a standalone basis in user applications.

Do not confuse REST services output response formats with the data structures and corresponding information that is returned in the REST responses. Refer to the individual documentation for each REST endpoint for more specific information about the syntax and types of data returned with each Utility service.