Get Datasets Service

Query the names of the publicly-available datasets currently hosted by the Online API.


The Get Datasets service returns a list of dataset IDs currently available on the Online API.


The Online API now contains updated content and support for additional datasets. In addition to existing U.S-specific data and content covering previous years, all of the existing API services can now be used to access and leverage additional datasets including a new U.S. Census 2010 dataset and a new Canadian dataset.

Usage Tips

You can provide arguments to the Get Summarizations utility service as defined in the parameters table below.


Parameter Details
Token (Required) Description: A valid API token string.

Syntax: Token=<string>

Example: Token=ABC123...

Notes: The value associated with the Token parameter is for example purposes only. See Get Token for more information on obtaining a token.

Callback Description: Wrap the JSON or PJSON response in a named function that can be executed by client-side JavaScript upon receipt.

Default: null

Syntax: Callback=<string>

Example: Callback=MyCallbackFunction

The response will be wrapped in a callback function only if a non-null Callback parameter value is specified and if the response format (the f parameter) is set to JSON or PJSON

Callback functions are useful for consuming the service in JavaScript-based client applications as shown in this basic example.

f Description: The response format.

Default: HTML

Syntax: f=<HTML | JSON | PJSON>

Example: f=JSON

Example Usage

Example 1: Get a list of datasets available on the Online API.

Request Example (1)
(Example uses limited demo account)

Access to the various datasets, including summarization/analysis variables, standard geography/administrative boundary data layers and features, and other data and content are subject to availability and the terms/restrictions associated with your API subscription.

Example Response

JSON Response Syntax

  "Result": <ArrayOfString2>

JSON Response Example

  "Result": [

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