Welcome to the ArcGIS Help Library

Welcome to the help library for the ArcGIS system. This help library has been compiled to provide comprehensive documentation for using all aspects of ArcGIS. The goal is to address the needs of a number of key audiences:



Essentials Library provides an introduction to GIS and ArcGIS. These topics provide a foundation for using ArcGIS in your daily work.

These topics are directed at all audiences and are useful for users who are new to GIS or ArcGIS. This library is also very helpful for seasoned ArcGIS users.

All users

Professional Library provides comprehensive help topics for GIS professionals and covers all aspects of using the ArcGIS system and many of the most common GIS workflows.

GIS professionals

ArcGIS includes a series of Developer SDKs, which can be accessed from the ArcGIS Resource Center. Each SDK has a help library that provides help topics for programmers and application developers who work with ArcGIS to write add-ins and custom ArcGIS applications.

GIS developers

Administrator Library provides guidance for configuring and managing ArcGIS installations, geodatabases, and Web-based ArcGIS systems.

ArcGIS administrators, DBAs, and Web architects

About ArcGIS

ArcGIS provides a scalable framework for implementing GIS for a single user or many users on desktops, in servers, over the Web, and in the field. ArcGIS is an integrated family of GIS software products for building a complete GIS. It consists of several primary frameworks for deploying GIS:

The ArcGIS Resource Center

ArcGIS includes a Web-based portal that provides access to dynamic Web help, community pages, support information, templates to help you get started applying ArcGIS, and much more. You can get connected with other users and begin to find useful and up-to-date information at the Resource Center. You can also get connected with others in your user community.

This is an essential part of using ArcGIS. Connect to the ArcGIS Resource Center.