What's in the Administrator Library?

Welcome to the Administrator Library. The topics in this library explain how to set up and maintain your GIS to provide the best experience for those who will use it.

A large part of the Administrator Library relates to ArcGIS Server. As you create services and applications with ArcGIS Server, you allow many people to work with your GIS over the local network or even the Internet.

An important piece of ArcGIS Server is the ArcSDE technology, which allows you to manage your ArcGIS datasets in a relational database management system (RDBMS). A well-tuned ArcSDE geodatabase is essential for a successful enterprise deployment of ArcGIS. The Administrator Library contains the help you need to set up and maintain an ArcSDE geodatabase.

The Administrator Library also includes help for administering ArcGIS Desktop licenses and using advanced utilities provided with ArcGIS Desktop.