What's in the Professional Library

Welcome to the Professional Library of the ArcGIS Desktop help. This library includes information for ArcGIS professionals, such as GIS analysts and managers, to help them use ArcGIS software to create, edit, analyze, and visualize geographic data.

The Professional Library is divided into sections based on functionality, such as mapping, or the use of specific software such as ArcGIS Server.

You can use the links in the following table to navigate to each section in the Professional Library.

Functionality or software


Data management

A quick tour of data management

Mapping and visualization

Mapping and visualization in ArcGIS Desktop


What is geoprocessing?

ArcGIS extensions

An overview of the extensions of ArcGIS

ArcGIS Server

What is ArcGIS Server?

ArcGIS Mobile

What is Mobile GIS?

Defense and intelligence mapping and data management

Defense and intelligence


Understanding how to find a route


What is Geocoding?

Linear referencing

What is linear referencing?

Map projections

What are map projections?

Interoperability and standards

What is GIS interoperability?

ArcGIS Desktop interface customization

About configuring the user interface