Custom toolbar contents

You can change the contents of toolbars by adding or removing tools and drop-down menus. Grouping tools together on a toolbar can help to visually separate tools used for different tasks such as browsing and editing. You'll typically associate scripts with custom tools to provide some functionality when users interact with them.

You can either change the contents of the default toolbars within the default configuration file supplied with ArcPad, or create your own.

Toolbars can be edited either from inside ArcPad using the Toolbar Editor, or in ArcPad Studio. Editing of toolbars from inside ArcPad is limited to adding and deleting ArcPad tools, but in ArcPad Studio, you can also create custom tools and add them to your toolbars.

For more information on editing toolbars from inside ArcPad, see the ArcPad Help. The following topics provide details on editing toolbars in ArcPad Studio: