Running a model within ModelBuilder

Models can be run from within ModelBuilder or from the model tool dialog box, Python window, or in a script. When running a model within ModelBuilder, either the entire model or some selected processes can be run. When processes are running in ModelBuilder, their execution can be followed in the geoprocessing progress dialog box.

There are three ways to run a model from within ModelBuilder:

  1. Run Single tool—Select one tool, right-click, then click Run. Earlier processes in the chain also run if needed. Later processes in the chain do not run; however, if they are in the has-been-run process state, their state changes back to ready-to-run.
  2. Run Ready-to-run tools—Click Run from the Model menu or the run tool Run on ModelBuilder toolbar. All tools that are in a ready-to-run state run.
  3. Run entire model—Click Run Entire Model from the Model menu. This runs all tools that are in a ready-to-run state.

Running a model

What happens when a model is run within ModelBuilder?

When a model is run, all model variables are validated, and those tools in a ready-to run state are executed. If any output variables should be added to display, the outputs are added to the ArcMap table of contents. Tools that are not in a ready-to-run state or are dependent on a tool that is not ready-to-run do not execute. There are some key differences when running a model from within ModelBuilder and running a model from its tool dialog box. When a model is run within Modelbuilder, the following apply:

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