Preserving intermediate data

Preserving intermediate data

Intermediate data, or data created only for the purpose of connecting tool output to another process in a model, can be preserved to maintain data that is created by a model and save a model's process states between edits.

  1. There are three options for preserving intermediate data:
    • Run the model from ModelBuilder, since intermediate data is never automatically deleted when the model is run from the ModelBuilder window. Intermediate data is automatically deleted when a model is executed from its dialog box or from the Python window, but not when run in the ModelBuilder window.

    • Make intermediate data variables model parameters. Since model parameters are exposed in the model tool dialog box, the expectation is that this data should be preserved. Model parameters cannot be flagged as intermediate and will never be automatically deleted.

    • Remove the intermediate flag by right-clicking the data variable and making sure the Intermediate control is not checked.

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