Defining feature templates for fabric sublayers

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

A default template is always created for any layers or sublayers in ArcMap. To define a new template for a parcel fabric sublayer, symbolize the layer into the types for which you want to define templates. For example, in the screen shot below, the fabric parcels and lines sublayers are symbolized and displayed by line and parcel type.

Symbolizing fabric sublayers

    To define templates for your symbolized fabric sublayer, follow these steps:
  1. Right-click the fabric sublayer for which you want to define templates and click Edit Features > Organize Feature Templates.
  2. On the Organize Feature Templates dialog box, click the New Template command.
  3. On the Create New Templates Wizard dialog box, make sure the sublayer you are working with is checked and click Next.
  4. New template on fabric sublayer
    The symbolized layer types are displayed in the next page of the Create New Templates wizard
  5. Select those types that you want to create templates for and click Finish.
  6. The layer types that you selected are now available as templates for the selected layer under the Layers list on the Organize Feature Templates dialog box.
  7. Select a layer type and click Properties to define the template properties for that layer type.
  8. In the Template Properties dialog box, enter values in the available attribute fields that you would like to be automatically populated the next time you create a parcel or line using this type.
  9. TipTip:

    You can define templates on fabric sublayers that have been symbolized using any field from the attribute table. For example, when the fabric layer is added to ArcMap, the Lines sublayer is symbolized by Category by default. You can define templates on any of the symbolized line categories.


    If you add any additional attributes to any of the fabric sublayers, these attributes will be available in the Template Properties dialog box.

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