Fixing topology errors

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

You can fix errors either through the Error Inspector or by clicking them on the map with the Fix Topology Error tool.

  1. Open the Error Inspector and search for errors, or click the Fix Topology Error tool Fix Topology Error Tool on the Topology toolbar.
  2. Click the error in the Error Inspector list or use the Fix Topology Error tool to click it on the map.

    The error is drawn in black on the map.

  3. Right-click the error in the list or on the map and click one of the available fixes. The fixes listed depend on the type of error.

    For example, to fix a Must Not Overlap error by merging an overlapping polygon into another polygon, right-click the error, click Merge, then choose the feature into which to merge the error feature.

  4. Validate the topology again to ensure the edit was correct.

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