Finding topology errors with the Error Inspector

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Error Inspector lets you view topology errors in a table that tells you the rules violated, the feature class or classes involved in the errors, the geometry of the errors, the feature IDs of the features involved in the errors, and whether or not the errors have been marked as exceptions. You can sort the errors by any of the fields in the table so that you can work with all the errors of a given type. You can also limit the errors shown in the table to errors of a given type, errors that occur in the currently visible map extent, or errors that have been marked as exceptions.

In addition to letting you view and sort errors, the Error Inspector lets you select errors, pan or zoom to selected errors, and apply topology fixes of various types to errors. The Error Inspector also allows you to use keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcut

Editing function


Move up and down through the rows


Zoom to selected error


Pan to selected error


Zoom to selected error


Select the parent features causing the error


View a description of the topology rule


Mark the error as an exception


Mark the exception as an error

Error Inspector dialog box keyboard shortcuts
  1. Click Error Inspector Error Inspector on the Topology toolbar.
  2. You can use the Error Inspector window to find errors and exceptions.

    To find errors for all rules

    Click the Show drop-down arrow, and click Errors from all rules.

    To find errors for a particular topology rule

    Click the Show drop-down arrow, and click the rule.

    To find errors in the visible extent

    Check Visible extent only.

    To find exceptions

    Check Exceptions, and uncheck Errors.

  3. Click Search Now.

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