About fixing topology errors

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Topology errors can be fixed quickly using the Fix Topology Error tool Fix Topology Error Tool. This tool allows you to select a topology error and choose from a number of fixes that have been predefined for that error type. You can also use the tool to get more information about the rule that has been violated or mark the error as an exception.

There are several ways to correct topology errors once you have discovered them. You can select the error on the map with the Fix Topology Error tool or select the error from within the Error Inspector, right-click, and apply one of the fixes listed in the shortcut menu for that error type.

Error Inspector showing the available fixes for a Must Not Have Dangles error.
For the selected Must Not Have Dangles error, which is shown in black on the map and highlighted in the Error Inspector, extending the line is an appropriate way to fix this error.

Different error types have different predefined fixes available for them. For example, a dangling line can be trimmed, extended, or snapped to another line. Errors caused by violations of the Must Be Covered By rules can be fixed by creating a new feature or deleting a feature. Errors caused by overlapping polygons can be merged into one of the polygons; subtracted from both; or turned into a separate, new polygon feature.

Each time you save your edits during an edit session, the contents of the Error Inspector window are cleared. You need to click the Search Now button on the Error Inspector to populate the list again. Doing this ensures that the Error Inspector always shows the most up-to-date errors and exceptions for your geodatabase.

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