Editing attributes in the Attributes window

You can edit attributes of a selected feature, as well as any features or records related to it, using the Attributes window.

  1. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar and click the feature.
  2. Click the Attributes button Attributes on the Editor toolbar.
  3. A feature is listed underneath the layer it belongs to—with its entry based on the layer's display expression.
  4. To navigate to the selected features, you can right-click the layer or feature and zoom to, pan to, or flash the feature.
  5. The Attributes window uses the settings from a layer's properties, such as the field display properties and the layer's display expression. To change these, right-click and click Layer Properties.
  6. Click a feature in the top of the window. The layer's attributes appear in the bottom of the window, and the feature flashes on the map.
  7. To expand a node, click the + button or the Expand All Relationships in Branch button Expand All Relationships In Branch, which is particularly useful when working with features with related information.
  8. To change the sort order of the fields, click the buttons on the window's toolbar. You can sort fields by layer order (which is specified on the Fields tab on the Layer Properties dialog box) or alphabetically.
  9. To show and hide hidden fields, click the Options button Options and click All Fields. The Options menu also contains settings for whether to display field aliases and descriptions.
  10. To change an attribute value, click a cell on the right side and enter the value for that field. Some fields have special editing behavior. For example, fields with coded attribute domains show drop-down lists of the available values, raster fields prompt you to load a raster dataset or photograph, and date fields open a pop-up calendar.
  11. NoteNote:

    The values for fields in joined tables are read-only. You need to open the source table to edit those values.

  12. To copy attribute values, select the contents of the cell, right-click, then click Copy. Then, right-click and click Paste to paste the attribute values into a different cell.
  13. To delete attribute values, right-click the cell and click Delete.

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