About editing attributes

When you want to add, delete, or update attribute values, you can use either the Attributes window or the table window.

Editing attributes in the Attributes window

The Attributes window allows you to view and edit attributes of features you have selected. You can open it by clicking the Attributes button Attributes on the Editor toolbar.

While the window can be reoriented, it is vertical by default. The top of the window lists the features you have selected. Features are listed by their display expression and grouped by layer. Use the Fields tab of the Layer Properties dialog box to customize how the fields appear by setting up field aliases, hiding fields, and changing the field order.

Attributes window showing features displayed with a display expression and related tabular information

The bottom of the Attributes window contains two columns: the attribute fields of the layer you are viewing and the values of those attribute properties. The attribute values that appear depend on what you click in the tree at the top.

Editing attributes in the table window

You can also edit attributes in the table window. An attribute table window can show you the values for all features in a layer. Editing attributes through the table window also allows you to quickly make changes to several features (records) at once using the field calculator.

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