Associating default values and domains with tables and feature classes

Once you have created an attribute domain, or domains, you can associate both the domain and its default values with fields in a table or feature class. Once a domain is associated with a feature class or table, an attribute validation rule is created in the database.

The same attribute domain can be associated with multiple fields of the same table, feature class, or subtype and can be associated with multiple fields in multiple tables and feature classes.

  1. In the Catalog tree, right-click the table or feature class with which you want to associate domains.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click the Fields tab.
  4. Click the field for which you want to create a default value and associate a domain.
  5. Click the field next to Default value, and type the default value.
  6. If you don't want to associate a domain with the field, skip to step 9.
  7. Click the field next to Domain, click the drop-down arrow, then click the domain you want to associate with the field.
  8. Only those domains that apply to this field type are displayed in the list.

  9. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until you have associated default values and domains for all fields that you want to have these properties.
  10. Click Apply.
Not all the objects in a table or feature class must have the same domains or default values applied to the same fields. To apply different domains and default values to the same field in a single table or feature class, you must create subtypes.

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Published 6/8/2010