Interface esriLockMgrType

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public interface esriLockMgrType
extends Serializable

ESRI lock manager types.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux

Field Summary
static int esriLockMgrEdit
          Edit lock.
static int esriLockMgrNone
          No lock.
static int esriLockMgrRead
          Read-only lock.
static int esriLockMgrSchemaRead
          Schema read lock.
static int esriLockMgrSchemaWrite
          Schema write lock.
static int esriLockMgrWrite
          Write lock.

Field Detail


static final int esriLockMgrNone
No lock.

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Constant Field Values


static final int esriLockMgrRead
Read-only lock.

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Constant Field Values


static final int esriLockMgrWrite
Write lock. Prevents anyone else from reading or writing to the dataset.

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Constant Field Values


static final int esriLockMgrEdit
Edit lock. Will block all edits of the data and prevents anyone from writing to the dataset, allows for read access.

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Constant Field Values


static final int esriLockMgrSchemaRead
Schema read lock. Creates a shared read lock. Prevents others from editing the schema of the data such as editing its attributes.

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Constant Field Values


static final int esriLockMgrSchemaWrite
Schema write lock. Creates an exclusive write lock. Prevents all reads, edits and writes of the data.

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