Interface esriNARouteSeedPointType

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public interface esriNARouteSeedPointType
extends Serializable

Options for route seed point type.


The values within this enumeration are used to determine route seed point usage within a VRP problem instance. These values are stored in the SeedPointType field on the RouteSeedPoints NAClass within a VRP NAContext.

SeedPointType field values on the RouteSeedPoints NAClass identify how a given route seed point is to be used and updated within a Solve operation.

The esriNARouteSeedPointType enumeration has the following values:

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Field Summary
static int esriNARouteSeedPointDynamic
          Dynamic route seed point based on order stops on route.
static int esriNARouteSeedPointStatic
          Static route seed point.

Field Detail


static final int esriNARouteSeedPointStatic
Static route seed point.

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static final int esriNARouteSeedPointDynamic
Dynamic route seed point based on order stops on route.

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Constant Field Values