Interface IToolboxWorkspaceFactory

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public interface IToolboxWorkspaceFactory
extends Serializable

Provides access to methods on the toolbox workspace factory object.


A WorkspaceFactory is a dispenser of workspaces and allows a client to connect to a workspace specified by a set of connection properties. A Workspace is a container of spatial and nonspatial datasets such as feature classes, raster datasets, and toolboxes. It provides methods to instantiate existing datasets and to create new datasets.

Workspaces are classified by types through the esriWorkspaceType enumerator: esriFileSystemWorkspace, esriLocalDatabaseWorkspace, and esriRemoteDatabaseWorkspace.A toolbox workspace can be one of these three types, in other words, toolboxes can exist in a folder, a personal geodatabase, a file geodatabase, or an enterprise geodatabase.

See also IWorkspaceFactory.

When To Use

The ToolboxWorkspaceFactory object is used to open a toolbox workspace such as a folder or personal geodatabase. In a next step, it is used to open toolboxes contained in such a workspace.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.