Class IARControlEventsOnDoubleClickEvent

  extended by java.util.EventObject
      extended by com.esri.arcgis.controls.IARControlEventsOnDoubleClickEvent
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IARControlEventsOnDoubleClickEvent
extends EventObject


button specifies which mouse button was pressed. 1 for the left mouse button, 2 for the right mouse button, and 4 for the middle mouse button.

shift specifies an integer corresponding to the state of the SHIFT (bit 0), CTRL (bit 1) and ALT (bit 2) keys. When none, some or all of these keys are pressed none, some or all the bits get set. These bits correspond to the values 1, 2, and 4, respectively. For example, if both SHIFT and ALT were pressed, ShiftState would return 5.

x is the X coordinate, in pixels, where the mouse button was pressed referenced against the origin (0, 0) of the CurrentView (the top left hand corner). x coordinates increase from left to right.

y is the Y coordinate, in pixels, where the mouse button was pressed referenced against the origin (0, 0) of the ArcReaderControl (the top left hand corner). y coordinates increase from top to bottom.

To find the origin of the CurrentView use ViewLeft and ViewTop properties. To convert x and y coordinates in pixels to map units and page units use the IARMap::ToMapPoint or IARPageLayout::ToPagePoint methods.


The OnDoubleClick event is triggered when the user releases and presses a mouse button and then presses and releases it again on the Map or PageLayout display area of the ArcReaderControl. If the double click does not occur within the system's double click time limit, the ArcReaderControl will recognise another OnMouseDown event. Otherwise the event sequence is as follows:


Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires Publisher Extension.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
IARControlEventsOnDoubleClickEvent(Object source)
Method Summary
 int getButton()
 int getShift()
 int getX()
 int getY()
 void init(int button, int shift, int x, int y)
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Constructor Detail


public IARControlEventsOnDoubleClickEvent(Object source)
Method Detail


public void init(int button,
                 int shift,
                 int x,
                 int y)


public final int getButton()


public final int getShift()


public final int getX()


public final int getY()