Package com.esri.arcgis.beans.toolbar

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ToolbarBean The ToolbarBean is a wrapper class of ToolbarControl to facilitate the use of ToolbarControl at the design time.
ToolbarBeanBeanInfo A java bean info class asscociated with ToolbarBean.
ToolbarBeanCustomizer A java bean Customizer associated with toolbar.
ToolbarBeanGeneralPanel A general property panel used in the Customizer of the PageLayoutBean.
ToolbarBeanItem A component used in the item panel to show users what kind of tools which are added to the toolbar.
ToolbarBeanItemsPanel The ItemsPanel is a user interface to allow user add or remove a tool item during the design time.
ToolbarBeanToolMgr The class provides the support for the class ToolbarBeanItemsPanel.
ToolItem A virtual tool item used in the toolbar design time.