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ITraceTasks Interface

Provides access to members that set and return the current trace task and the options for tracing.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

When To Use

Use the ITraceTasks interface when you want to determine which trace tasks are available, to set the active trace task, and to set options for tracing.


Read/write property CurrentTask Current trace task.
Read-only property Task Trace task by index.
Read-only property TaskCount Number of available trace tasks.
Read/write property TraceEnds Indicates if trace tasks return end features.
Read/write property TraceFlowElements Elements to include in the trace results.
Read/write property TraceIndeterminateFlow Indicates if directional traces include features with indeterminate or uninitialized flow direction.

CoClasses that implement ITraceTasks

CoClasses and Classes Description
UtilityNetworkAnalysisExt A container for defining the Utility Network Analysis extension and describing its current state.

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