Client Application sample

This is an ArcGIS Image Server client sample written in the ANSI C development environment to work with ArcGIS 9.2 and higher versions. It has the following functionalities implemented:

Show the Add Image Service dialog box
Open the selected image service
View and modify service properties using the Image Service Properties dialog box
Extracts the overview image of the service

The source code is available at <ArcGIS Image Server installation folder>\Developer Kit\Client Applications\Samples\C_ClientTest_Sample

The default arguments given to the application are as follows:

Sample_C_Client.exe <Image Service name> <XMin> <YMin> <XMax> <YMax> <Cols> 

<Rows> <Output File>

All the exported functions are defined and declared in the header file at Developer Kit\Client Applications\Samples\C_ClientTest_Sample\Source\ISClient_Export.h. This should be included as a header file in the custom sample application.

The Developer Kit\Client Applications\Samples\C_ClientTest_Sample\Source\ISClient_Export.c file loads the ISClientC.dll and obtains the address of all the exported functions in the DLL. This .c file should be included in the project, compiled, and linked as well.

The main .c file is a sample to show how the ISClient.dll is used. Check for comments in the code.

Sample Code