Sample code

This sample code loads an image service, which is published on a server, and requests an image given the extents and the number of rows and columns.

For this sample to work, open a VB 6.0 standard EXE project. Add in references:

ImageServer Client 1.0 Type Library [ISClient.Dll]
Microsoft XML

Place a button and name it Command1. Copy the code  below and modify the name of the image service to something that is published on the server. Also change the SetImageInfo parameters according to the service loaded.

Private Sub Command1_Click()

    Dim client As New CClientObject

    If client.Init("") = False Then

        MsgBox client.Status

        Exit Sub

    End If

    'Open the image service

    Dim cService As CImageService

    Set cService = client.OpenImageService("ImageService://hawkings:10000/Dxb_Tif", "")

    If cService Is Nothing Then

        MsgBox client.Status

        Exit Sub

    End If

    'Set the extents and the dimensions of the requested image

    Dim returnVal As Boolean

    returnVal = cService.SetImageInfo(120034.5, 869002.6, 120500.13, 869711.39, 500, 500)

    If returnVal = False Then

        MsgBox cService.Status

        Exit Sub

    End If

    Dim imageInfoXml As String

    imageInfoXml = "<ImageServer><Client><GetImage><OutputType></OutputType><FileName></FileName><Format></Format></GetImage></Client></ImageServer>"

    'Load the XML string in DOM Document object and modify the values of each node.

    Dim imageInfoDoc As New DOMDocument

    If imageInfoDoc.loadXML(imageInfoXml) = False Then

        MsgBox "Failed to load the XML"

        Exit Sub

    End If

    imageInfoDoc.selectSingleNode("//ImageServer/Client/GetImage/OutputType").Text = "File"

    imageInfoDoc.selectSingleNode("//ImageServer/Client/GetImage/FileName").Text = "C:\Temp\OutImage.tif”"

    imageInfoDoc.selectSingleNode("//ImageServer/Client/GetImage/Format").Text = "TIFF"

    imageInfoXml = imageInfoDoc.Text

    'Create the image file to the output location

    Dim isGetImageDone As String

    isGetImageDone = cService.GetImage(imageInfoXml)

    'Close the service and disconnect the connection to ImageServer



 End Sub