Esri Business Analyst Server SOAP

Business Analyst Server SOAP is based on:

The WSDL is a XML document that describes and locates a Web service. The WSDL provides a simple way for service providers to describe the basic format of requests to their services, regardless of the underlying protocol. One of the more popular protocols is SOAP.

SOAP is used to describe the format of a message sent to a networked service and allow computers to communicate independently of the operating system. SOAP messages can be transmitted to a service via a number of transport protocols, including HTTP.

Developer environments, such as .NET or Java, provide SOAP function kits to automate the process of generating a set of local, native classes for a consumer. The WSDL provides the client all that is needed to generate the native proxy and value objects, thus no proprietary components related to the Web service are necessary.


Value objects are objects that store values or properties. Depending on the WSDL, there can be many different types of value objects. However, there is only one proxy class per SOAP service type. The proxy has both the properties and methods. The methods are designed to create and submit a SOAP request and return a SOAP response. The proxy uses the value objects to construct (serialize) a SOAP request. The proxy also deserializes the SOAP response and constructs value objects to be used by the client. So working with a rich client object environment makes it much easier to consume and utilize a SOAP service because you are using native objects to store the properties (value objects), manage SOAP requests and responses (proxy) on the client.

Business Analyst Server API WSDL

In order to consume and develop against Business Analyst Server's SOAP methods in your client application, you will first need to generate a proxy class to consume Business Analyst Server's Web services in your development environment. In order to generate this proxy class, your developer tools will need access to the Business Analyst Server WSDL. This WSDL document verbosely describes the structure of Business Analyst Server's currently available Web services. Most developer tools that support Web services application development will use it to create a proxy class which becomes the programmatic interface into Business Analyst Server's Web services-based developer toolset.

By default, the Business Analyst Server API WSDL is available as shown below.

WSDL syntax

http://{Business Analyst Server host name}/{ArcGIS instance}/services/{Map service with Business Analyst capability}/mapserver/BAServer?wsdl

An example of Business Analyst Server SOAP WSDL


If your Business Analyst Server instance has security enabled, please refer to Security/Authentication for some additional procedures.

ArcGIS Server Extension Web Service Proxies and Value Objects

The proxy and value objects for an Business Analyst Server Web service only need to be generated once per service type. Once the Web service proxy and value objects for Business Analyst Server service have been created, they can be reused with other ArcGIS Server Web services of the same type, even though the proxy class name contains the original service name (dynamic proxies only).

Service Type Proxy Name Description
Business Analyst Server API DefaultMap_BAServer Use to access to service lists and properties on a Esri Business Analyst Server Web site.