Attribute Sets configuration

The Attribute Sets provide the functionality to designate selected attributes for user inputs. They are used to designate the event layers and columns in the layers that the user will provide values for in the Add Linear Event widget. The administrator can create a preconfigured Attribute Set that can be accessed by any user of the Roadway Characteristics Editor. This preconfigured Attribute Set cannot be modified by the user, but it could be copied and then changed. A user can create new Attribute Sets that are stored in the web browser for local access. Also see:

Using Attribute Sets in Roadway Characteristics EditorAdding Linear Events in Roadway Characteristics Editor
Attribute Sets in Roadway Characteristics Editor
As shown in the figure, the preconfigured Attribute Set contains two groups: Required and Other. The Required group contains six attribute fields: Functional Class, Speed Limit, Pavement Type, Through Lane, Median Type, and Shoulder Type. The Other group contains five attribute fields.

The Attribute Sets are useful in limiting the number of record input fields while using the Add Linear Events widget. The users enter the records only in the fields provided by the Attribute Sets.

Expand All

Expand All

Shows all the attribute fields present within each event layer.

Collapse All

Collapse All

Hides the attribute fields to show only the event layers.

Copy Selected Attribute Set

Copy Selected Attribute Set

Copies all the attribute fields present in an event from the left panel to the attribute group in the right panel. The copy is made permanent only when you click the Save button.

New Attribute Set

New Attribute Set

Creates a new Attribute Set. The Attribute Sets created by using this button are saved in the browser. Therefore, these Attribute Sets are available only to the user's browser.

Remove Selected Attribute Set

Remove Selected Attribute Set

Removes the selected Attribute Set from the widget. The administrator-configured Attribute Sets cannot be removed using this button.

New Group

New group

Creates a new group in the right panel. A group contains event attribute fields. An Attribute Set is made up of one or more groups. The group is saved permanently by clicking the Save button.

Remove Selected Group, Layer, or Attribute

Remove Selected group, Layer, or Attribute

Removes a selected group, layer, or attribute from the right panel. The removal is made permanent by clicking the Save button.

You can preconfigure an Attribute Set using the following steps.

  1. Open the config.json file in a text editor such as notepad.

    For more information on using the config.json file for RCE, please see: Configuring the Roadway Characteristics Editor web application.

  2. In the config.json file, go to the "attributeSets" section.

    Here, you can modify the title of the preconfigured Attribute Set and edit/add groups and event attributes. It is important to verify that the event layer attribute fields that are added or edited to the groups are published in the map service.

    Preconfiguring Attribute Sets
  3. To add event attribute fields into the groups, you can collect the information by visiting this web page <YourServerName>/ArcGIS/rest/services/<YourMapServerName>/MapServer in a browser
  4. You can find the layerId value in the Layers section of the web page.
    Finding LayerId
  5. You can get the event field names by clicking an event layer in the Layers section of the web page. Go to the Fields section.
    Finding event field names
  6. Using steps 4 and 5, you can write: { "layerId":3, "fields": { "Functional_class"} } in the json.config file.
  7. You can use steps 4, 5, and 6 to add more event attribute fields to the groups.
  8. Save the config.json file

In a web browser, navigate to the Roadway Characteristics Online application, then click Edit > Add Linear Events.. The preconfigured Attribute Set can be used to record attributes in this widget.

Limiting data entry fields using in the Add Linear Events widget using Attribute Sets