Defining attribute sets

Attribute Sets are used to create a set/group of attribute fields that you can use to add records in the Add Linear Events widget in the Roadway Characteristics Editor. Each editable field within an event is present in the left panel which can be added to a group in the right panel. The administrator can provide preconfigured Attribute Sets, or you can create your own Attribute Set using the steps outlined below.

Also see Deploying Attribute Sets and Adding linear events in Roadway Characteristics Editor.

User selected Attribute Set
Expand All

Expand All

Shows all the attribute fields present within each event layer.

Collapse All

Collapse All

Hides the attribute fields to show only the event layers.

Copy Selected Attribute Set

Copy Selected Attribute Set

Copies all the attribute fields present in an event from the left panel to the attribute group in the right panel. The copy is made permanent only when you click the Save button.

New Attribute Set

New Attribute Set

Creates a new Attribute Set. The Attribute Sets created by using this button are saved in the browser. Therefore, these Attribute Sets are available only to the user's browser.

Remove Selected Attribute Set

Remove Selected Attribute Set

Removes the selected Attribute Set from the widget. The administrator-configured Attribute Sets cannot be removed using this button.

New Group

New group

Creates a new group in the right panel. A group contains event attribute fields. An Attribute Set is made up of one or more groups. The group is saved permanently by clicking the Save button.

Remove Selected Group, Layer, or Attribute

Remove Selected group, Layer, or Attribute

Removes a selected group, layer, or attribute from the right panel. The removal is made permanent by clicking the Save button.

  1. You can access the preconfigured Attribute Set by opening a web browser and then navigating to the Roadway Characteristics Editor. Click Edit > Add Linear Events.
    Accessing Add Linear Events in Roadway Characteristics Editor
  2. In case you want to create a new Attribute Set, click Edit > Attribute Sets.
    Accessing Attribute Sets in Roadway Characteristics Editor
  3. Click the New Attribute Set button New Attribute Set and type the name of a new Attribute Set.
    Creating a new Attribute Set
  4. Click the New group button New Group and type the name of a group.

    This group will be part of the new Attribute Set.

    Creating a new attribute group

  5. From the left panel, drag and drop a required event field to the group in the right panel.
    Adding attribute fields
  6. Add some more event fields to the group.
  7. You can also select an event Attribute Set on the left panel and click the Copy Attribute Set button Copy Selected Attribute Set to copy the attribute fields to the group.
    Copying Attribute Sets
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Close.

    Now the current Attribute Set is User1. You can also select the preconfigured Attribute Set (named Default) from the Attribute Set drop-down list at the top right.

  10. Now click Edit > Add Linear Events.

    The User1 Attribute Set can now be used to add records to the Linear Events that are created using the widget.

    Using Attribute Sets to add linear events