Working with activity dialog boxes

Maintenance in Esri Roads and Highways is activity driven. An activity is a workflow that is specific to performing a certain kind of edit to a route. Activities in Roads and Highways include Create Route, Realign Route, Retire Route, Extend Route, and Reassign Route. You will use the Roads And Highways Editing toolbar to perform edits on a route. The buttons on the toolbar appear in the order you will click them, although some buttons are optional for some activities. The basic steps to editing a route are as follows:

  1. Start editingStart editing.
  2. Set the target LRS Network layer.
  3. Choose an activity type.
  4. Select a redline feature.
  5. Select a source geometry feature.
  6. Click the Apply button Apply.

Components of the apply dialog box

The apply dialog box is made up of several components.

Components of the apply dialog box