Using the Select Redline tool

The redline feature class stores attributes, geographic location, and measure information for prospective route geometry changes. The purpose of the redline is to act as a markup feature for communicating linear referencing system (LRS) Network changes to LRS editors.

The redline can also serve as a temporary route feature so that LRS users who discover that data is missing from the LRS Network can continue to work without having to wait for it to be updated. The redline feature class must be configured in the advanced linear referencing system (ALRS) prior to editing LRS Networks. See Data in the ALRS to learn more about the requirements for configuring the redline feature class.


Redlines do not need to be M- or Z-enabled to work with Esri Roads and Highways.

The redline feature is accessed by clicking the Select Redline tool Select Redline tool on the Roads And Highways Editing toolbar.

When a feature is selected using the Select Redline tool, the activity dialog box is populated automatically with information from the redline feature.

Create Route dialog box populated with redline information
  1. Open Arcmap and add an LRS Network and redline feature class to your map.
  2. Start editing.
  3. Use the Networks drop-down menu on the Roads And Highways Editing toolbar to choose an LRS Network to modify.
  4. Click the Select Redline tool and click a redline feature on the map.

    The selected redline is highlighted with a bold, red line.

    The selected redline feature is highlighted with a bold, red line